Venus Mantra-शुक्र मंत्र

Venus Mantra Spell

If you are seeing the negative aspects of everything, you do not like the colors, you don’t feel like wearing beautiful clothes or you start hating fashion and you don’t feel like getting entertained, then your Venus in weak. This is because every beautiful thing in this universe or anything that appears attractive is because of Venus. If you have ...

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Sun mantra – सूर्य मन्त्र

sun mantra spell

If the king of planets, the Sun is weak in your horoscope, then throughout your life, you’ll have this in your mind that the almighty never blessed you.    Some people have a lot of headaches. It is because of this and if your hairs fall untimely or they get gray, then that is also due to the ill-effects of ...

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Saturn Mantra – शनि मंत्र

Saturn Mantra Spell

People do not fear from wrong doings but they fear from the Saturn. They fear from the name itself because they have done wrong. If you are getting frightened without any reason or your wrong doings are haunting you again and again, and you are not able to sleep at night, then Saturn has entered your life. Yes, if Saturn ...

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Jupiter Mantra – गुरु मंत्र

Jupiter Mantra Spell

Jupiter is a planet that makes us realize about our responsibilities, and if a person is responsible but still he is unable to fulfill his responsibilities, then definitely Jupiter is behind it. If you don’t understand anything and if you are doing your own loss, then that means your Jupiter is displeased with you. The angry Jupiter will make you ...

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Mercury Mantra – बुध मन्त्र

Mercury Mantra Spell

Some people speak a lot and it’s some people’s work to speak every time. However, there are few people who cannot speak for long even if they want to or they hesitate in speaking up. Pick your horoscope and definitely, there might be some issue with your mercury. Yes, if you are unable to express yourself then your mercury is ...

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Mars Mantra – मंगल मंत्र

Mars Mantra Spell

It is said that anger is a sign of weakness and it’s true but there is one more truth which is that excessive anger indicates that your Mars is weak. If the Mars is weak, then the body of that individual appears colorless Often, we get angry if any work is not done on time. However, every work has its ...

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Moon Mantra – चन्द्र मंत्र

Moon Mantra Spell

Some people seem to be innocent of their appearance while some might appear strict from outside but from inside they are innocent. I am talking about those people who have a weak Moon. These are those people who have gone through a lot of torture since their childhood and time and again they have to tolerate a lot of injustice. ...

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